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All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak Amenities

  • Pet Care - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Outdoor Play Yard - 21,000 sq. ft. of clean, dry sport turf
  • Indoor Play Area - 10,000 sq. ft. of comfortable & resilient flooring
  • Webcams with unrestricted access
  • Air exchanged every 20 minutes
  • Custom sanitation system
  • Geriatric Care Specializing in everything from extra medications & bedding to mobility assistance.
  • Weight Management Program Together we work to reduce your dog’s weight for his overall health. Ask us for details.
  • Puppy Programs Special attention, handling & socialization to become good canine citizens & family members.
  • Completely climate controlled
  • Lobby Hours:
    • Mon. - Sat: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • Sun: Noon to 7 p.m.

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Pet Resources - What you have asked and what we have for answers to at this location - with hope it will forever grow.

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Papillomas in Dogs:


K-9 Cough:


Even dogs get the flu. Watch this video.

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THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION AND IT'S TWO PART. THE ANSWER: DOGS CANNOT COMMUNICATE THE SAME AS YOU AND I. (and) Unfortunately your veterinarians have your pet's history,sadly, we do not. If you have experienced, or can imagine, a need to place a relative in the care of a hospital for any term, than you can understand the importance of our communication. IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE 

WITHOUT QUESTION inform us of all noticed maladies concerning your pet throughout his or her life stages. During your dog's youth and geriatric stages you will pay more for boarding because we expect our clients to desire their pets receive the added stimulation during their youth and the added comfort and care in their senior years.

Throughout the lifetime of your pet, we will be here. The date is 2.14.2014



QUESTION: I was promised similar bedding to mine. Why am I see something completely different on the camera?

ANSWER: Bedding falls under the the definition of "LUGGAGE". It includes what you bring from home and most commonly items include TOYS, BEDDING, TREATS AND CHEWS, and MEDICATIONS. CARRIERS and CLOTHING I will cover separately.

TOYS: Their is an intense amount of stimulation offered to the pets for the majority of the day. We will attempt a toy at your request. If your pet remains entirely ignorant of the toy, it is merely another bacterial disaster. This is why we DO NOT accept POROUS material from the outside.

BEDDING (and the answer): Bacterial infection and outbreak are common in social situations, a similarity shared with humans; we must attempt to limit the bedding we accept. Yes, we have a no tolerance policy in taking your bedding; we make one exception: We will attach a $20 fee to use your bedding. The purpose of the fee is I will assure the bedding is washed; halt the machines; and place your bedding in the suite throughout a longer stay. 

"That's not bedding." It isn't bedding you're accustomed to. The Kuranda trampoline beds are comfortable and breathable without being prone to housing bacterial problems. When the clients asks us to provide bedding we will provide the bedding that best suits your pet. We have an arrangement of fleece and other items we use where other facilities provide a towel at best and boast more. We offer the highest rated orthopedic pet beds for pets with geriatric issues who are in the geriatric program. We are always looking for better ways and always open to suggestions. We try very NOT to increase our rates. For that reason, we use the highest quality durable products in the industry.   (to be cont.)



QUESTION: I am having trouble viewing my pet on your "unrestricted" cameras, can you move my pet into a better space. 

ANSWER: Yes. We can do that in ALL cases. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: A half-decade before we opened the doors of the location in Royal Oak we were were live online. We had no idea they would be where they are today. That being said, we are the ONLY facility that continually keeps our cameras state-of-the-art AND offers 360 degree viewing of the entire boarding facility floor. This is for our benefit and yours, and on occasion it is a double-edged sword  for either us or you...which we will need to address more tomorrow....




Papillomas in Dogs:


K-9 Cough:


Even dogs get the flu. Watch this video.


Even dogs catch cold. Read more about it here.