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Art & Yolanda Rimbold - Franchise Owners & Local Partners


Art & Yolanda Rimbold

                Designed and built their first Pet Care Resort in 1982. Homestead kennels or “Pet Ritz” rapidly grew to be the largest pet care facility in the state. “The Ritz” as it came to be known could comfortably house in excess of 250 dogs in a safe climate controlled environment. Located in a rural community of N.W Detroit the Ritz was also known to care for cats, birds, pot-bellied pigs, snakes, goats, horses and occasionally African wild cats.

                Over the next two decades Art and Yolanda worked closely with many Pet Care Professionals, veterinarians and the Michigan State School of Veterinary Medicine to develop and test diets appropriate for pets while in their care. These well balanced products insure dietary needs are met while greatly reducing the risk of diarrhea. With knowledge gained while working with these professionals in 2004 the Rimbolds opened “All American Pet Resorts” in Royal Oak with many features to yet be matched by any other pet care facility.

                Today All American Pet Resort alone offers for the safety, health and comfort of your pet: Individual suites with separate sanitation, rapid exchange climate controlled air systems, day and night staffing that can walk, feed, comfort, monitor and when needed medicate around the clock, multiple large outside activities area with artificial turf surfaces, a large pet loving staff of fulltime employees and much much more.

                Art and Yolanda are very passionate about their work and remain an active part of the kennel and the community. Donating to local charities and service organizations while making sure to maintain a Resort like none other in the state.  They have remained very involved  with all aspects of the facility, you can often  find Yolanda in the groom room doing touch ups and keeping our groomers the best around or run into Art Sr. in the lobby making sure all is well and quality of service is maintained. They love what they do, and that says it all.


Franchise Opportunities Available

Mom, having a great time! You’re not coming home 'til Monday right? xoxoxo

Your Management, Pet Attendants, & Grooming-Salon Specialists


  • Art Arimese Jr. - Art Jr. or Art works just fine... (CFO, COO)

      Having been served plenty of helpings of the family business during his formidable years as Homestead Kennels became Pet Riz, et al, and then upon becoming a national franchise the name All American Pet Resorts was settled upon and we soon after switched names and our clients stayed.

      "A great portion of my psych degree was spent on cognitive-animal behavior and socialization of animals. I have always had a fascination with and history in this business that drove me to such knowledge."







Kristy - Office Supervisor - Front Operations 


Kristy Framed


  •    Nicole : Supervisor - 5 yrs+ - Focus - The Pets are Priority

The best thing about my job is I get to work with some amazing dogs that I’ve grown to love SO MUCH, as if they were my own!



Photo coming soon!  


Nickie W : Groomer

Nicole is a Salon Specialist at All American Pet Resort. When she isn't developing relationships with our human clientele, she is developing them with the dogs as she tends to their styling requirements. Nicole has a score of experience in the pet industry in boarding, daycare, animal rescue work, and grooming. Since she began at our company, her skill level has matured ever further. She strives to style her clients' pets exactly as they request. When their any discrepancy between a clients desired style and Nicole finished product, she is eager to work with the client until they get it perfected.



Dawn has been working avidly in animal handling,  veterinary assistance, animal training, and pet grooming. At the time All American Pet Resorts expanded, becoming a national franchise company, the Royal Oak location was its model. Dawn's expertise in grooming at a high volume facility was drawn upon to help franchisees develop their grooming departments. During her 25 years of animal related experience she has spent the latter decade with our company. When grooming pets, she has no limitations when it comes to the breed or condition of the pets she grooms.  Being a groomer at All American Pet Resorts is rewarding on a daily basis. When asked what she loves most about our facility she answered, "It surprises me how attentive the clients are about their pets, and how my co-workers are able to meet their requests with consistent quality."